Month: April 2011

Police look at traffic collision, crash was in neighborhood

A 23-year-old man died Tuesday when the car in which he was a passenger smashed into a truck at high speed on a residential street in Palm Bay. Police said Robert Alexander Williams died at the scene where a Chevrolet Impala ran into a Silverado as the truck was being backed out of a residential

Car Slams Into School Bus

Workers pull a mangled car from under a school bus Thursday near the intersection of U.S.17 and Golf Course Boulevard, east of Punta Gorda. Officials say the driver of the car suffered life-threatening injuries in the crash. Two of the approximately 40 East Elementary School students on the bus were taken to a local hospital

Truck driver flees after hitting bridge

WESLEY CHAPEL Truck driver flees after hitting bridge A semitrailer truck carrying a crane north on Interstate 75 struck the bridge at Overpass Road on Monday, flinging debris that dam­aged two cars, the Florida Highway Patrol reported. Troopers are still looking for the driver of the truck. The collision caused hunks of concrete to fall