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Former UCF student found guilty and convicted of DUI manslaughter

A 23-year-old former UCF student was sentenced to 18 months in prison Nov. 20 after killing a 19-year-old UCF student while driving under the influence. Malcolm barnes pled no contest in an Orange County court for DUI manslaughter charges he faced from an accident in October 2006. barnes was driving on the wrong side of

Twenty-year-old Sean Stiller of Cassadaga is suing Halftime Sports Bar, alleging he wrecked his motorcycle after he was illegally served alcohol

The lawsuit, filed Oct. 8 by Miami attorney Mark Feinstein, alleges Halftime served Stiller alcohol in the hours before his July 1 motorcycle crash, even though the bartenders knew he was not 21. After spending weeks in a coma at Halifax Health Medical Center in Daytona Beach, Stiller is living now at a rehabilitation hospital