Month: April 2009

Don’t Forget – Important Florida Motorcycle Information

In order to legally operate a motorcycle in Florida you must have a motorcycle endorsement on your drivers license. This endorsement can be obtained by taking a motorcycle safety test at your local department of motor vehicles. Additionally, as of recent Florida legislation, motorcycle operators must take and pass the motorcycle safety course –

You and Your Motorcycle: Riding Tips The staff at the Motorcycle Safety Foundation has prepared this booklet to provide you – the motorcycle rider – with important tips that can help save your life and be a better rider!

15 Riding-In-Traffic Tips

15 Riding-In-Traffic TipsBasics? Sure. But keeping them fresh in your cranial RAM could be the difference between riding tomorrow and The Long Nap Close your eyes and recall your last ride in heavy traffic. Imagine the vehicles surrounding you, crowding you, cutting you off. Imagine yourself monitoring closing speeds, reading street signs, noticing and anticipating