A Miami man walked into a Publix for tuna fish and crackers, but walked out feeling humiliated after being wrongly accused of stealing eye drops

Managers at the Publix at 5715 NW 7th Street strip searched Cruz after suspecting he had stolen eye drops, according to the lawsuit.

Now, Cruz is seeking $15,000 for personal injury damages.

According to his attorney Spencer Aronfeld, Cruz walked into the Publix sometime in the evening of January 26th and purchased a can of tuna fish and crackers. He had picked up some eye drops but when he realized he didn’t have the money, he put them back on a different shelf.

That’s when he was approached by a Publix employee and store manager who accused him of shoplifting in front of other customers, Aronfeld said. They took him to a manager’s office and then the men’s room where he was asked to strip naked. Publix representatives threatened to call police if he declined, Aronfeld said. He was told to put his clothes back on by a third manager who had found the eye drops in another aisle.

“The general manager apologized and said it was a complete misunderstanding,” Aronfeld said.

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