Alpinestars launches new line of fashionable motorcycle-inspired gear by Denise Focil

The Alpinestars name might be more recognizable splashed across the back of a helmet or down the leg of padded pants than hanging from the racks of trendy stores on Robertson Boulevard. The 45-year-old Italian company has been a force in the world of motorcycle racing, making technical equipment and gear for the sport.

Tomorrow they launch a line called Alpinestars by Denise Focil, a contemporary collection that draws inspiration from the brand’s heritage and history in the world of motorcycle racing.

Classic, cropped leather jackets have whip-stitched details and come in a vegan option. Boyish plaid button-downs get a rebellious touch with leather trimmed pockets. And the skinny jeans have a faded black wash to look like you’ve been riding on the back of your boyfriend’s Harley for a couple hundred miles.

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