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Everything You Need To Know About Car Accident Lawsuits

clearwater car accident on route 19 in Pinellas County

Car accidents can take a toll on everyone involved. From the traumatic stress that follows to the financial damages that you need to deal with, often confusing you as to what step you need to take next. Before you take drastic measures, slow down and think about your plan of action. Most victims will turn

What Should You Do if you’re Involved in a Car Accident?

multiple car accident in clearwater florida

If you’ve been recently involved in a car accident, you might be stuck at a crossroads wondering what your next plan of action should be. Do you hire an attorney to take up and represent your case or do you immediately get in contact with your insurance company? Most people will gravitate towards the latter

Civil Suits For Drunk Driving

car accident in clearwater florida

Civil suits for drunk driving are commonly filed when injuries occur in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. There are pretty straight forward and strict rules against drunk driving in every state of the country and such a driver can actually face criminal charges, serve time in the jail and other similar penalties

Sleeping Behind the Wheel: Stats and Prevention

sleeping behind the wheel

We’ve all had those rough days where we’ve pulled all-nighters and then climbed into our car for a drive. No matter how much of an expert driver you think you are, when you’re driving in a sleep-deprived state there’s no telling what could ensue. Drowsy driving has been reported as one of the leading causes

Clearwater Car Accident Lawyers Working for You

Clearwater car accident lawyer team

The statistics of car accidents every year are sobering and there hasn’t been a significant improvement in the data for years. Car accidents are traumatizing no matter how small they are. If you’ve been involved in one, you know exactly what it feels like. When you’re dealing with repercussions of a car accident, it’s important