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Drowsy Driving and its Legal Consequences

drowsy driver and legal consequences

It’s not uncommon for a driver to feel drowsy behind the wheel. In the fast-paced, busy worlds we live in sleep deprivation has become a global epidemic. Driving back home from work is especially a difficult feat to accomplish when all you want is a shut eye. Drowsy driving has become one of the top

Neck Injuries from Car Accidents

neck injuries from car accidents

Car accidents can be anything from mild to fatal. Neck injuries are one of the common injuries sustained when the magnitude of the accident was especially severe. Neck injuries also synonymously called as whiplash injuries occur as a result of the sheer force and inertia that comes with a sudden brake or a crash. Passengers

Motorcycle Insurance Policy Information You Need to Know

what you should know about motorcycle insurance policies

  I recently renewed my motorcycle insurance policy and came across some significant changes and exclusions that the insurance company had made to my policy although I had not requested or changed the amount of insurance (at all) on my motorcycle. Unless you carefully read your insurance policy, you may be unpleasantly surprised by exclusions

Dealing with Motorcycle Accidents

dealing with motorcycle accidents

A common theme in the world of motorcycling is the plea to ride safely and defensively. However, that barely scratches the surface of what you must consider in order to protect yourself to the greatest extent. Safe riding and hoping that other cars see you can only get you so far. What happens if you

Property Damage to Your Motorcycle

how to deal with damage to your motorcycle

It’s been great meeting so many of you (and seeing your beautiful bikes) at all the events we’ve recently attended. Over the last few months I have written articles dealing with insurance coverage that “protects” the injured driver. Generally speaking, when a motorcyclist is involved in an accident, two things happen:  the operator of the