BMW Concept 6 Squeezes An Inline-6 to a Motorcycle

We’ve come to adore BMW’s silky smooth six-cylinder engines in cars. Now, BMW is giving motorcycle riders an opportunity to experience incredibly smooth six-cylinder power as well. BMW’s Concept 6 bike previews the upcoming six-cylinder K-series expansion.

Normally an inline-six creates an extremely wide or long bike, but BMW’s new engine is around 4 inches narrower than all other straight-sixes before it, and barely wider than a conventional four-cylinder. This was accomplished thanks to very, very small cylinder spacing. BMW claims this created a few packaging headaches, which led engineers to position several drive and electrical components behind the crankshaft.

As is typical of BMW’s K-series bikes, the straight-six is canted forward at a 55-degree angle to help lower the center of gravity. It also creates a better weight distribution and allows for more steering feedback. Another item to help the bike’s center of gravity is the dry sump lubrication system, which allowed BMW to position the engine closer to the ground than normal.

BMW isn’t talking power output on the new engines yet, but it is rumored to pump out at least 150 hp. BMW says the new six-cylinder engine produces an impressive 96 lb-ft of torque from 2000 rpm all the way to redline at 9000 rpm.

The Concept 6 motorcycle uses a 1.6-liter inline-six, but BMW hints that larger displacement six-cylinder engines will be fitted to the K-series in the future.

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