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Grandmother killed in crash at intersection

PEMBROKE PINESA driver may have run a red light in a crash Monday afternoon in Pembroke Pines that left a grandmother dead, police said. Neyda Hernandez, 51, of Pembroke Pines, was trying to make a left turn on to Pines Boulevard from Northwest 208th Avenue when her car collided with another vehicle at the intersection,

“PSTA bus accident leaves one person dead in St. Petersburg”

ST. PETERSBURG — A St. Petersburg man was killed and several people were seriously injured after a PSTA bus and car collided in the intersection of 37th St. N and 5th Ave. Thursday evening. Officials say the driver of a Saturn ran a red light causing the bus to swerve in an effort to not

Police put brakes on red light runners along Florida Avenue

Tuesday was a rare day in Hemet, at least rare for these days. All five of the Hemet Police Department’s motorcycles were on the street in an effort to reduce the instances of red light running, primarily along Florida Avenue, but at other locations as well. Lt. Duane Wisehart, who heads the traffic division, which

A New Missouri law allows motorcycles, bikes to sometimes run red lights

The red light will soon be streaked with shades of gray. For most of us behind the wheel, red means stop. But if you’re riding a motorcycle or a bicycle in Missouri, it will mean stop, but only sort of. A new Missouri law that takes effect Aug. 28 allows motorcycle and bike riders to