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Clearwater motorcycle accident attorneysMotorcycle accidents make up a noticeable percentage of vehicular accidents in the US. Our Clearwater-based legal firm, The Fran Haasch Law Group, operates in all areas of Clearwater, including St. Petersburg, Largo, Safety Harbor, Dunedin, Palm Harbor and the Greater Tampa Bay Region.  We work to provide fervent representation to clients who have received serious injuries motorcycle accidents. In an event of a motorcycle accident, the motorcyclist is usually held accountable because of the wide perception of these modes of transport as dangerous. The truth, however, can be slightly different. It’s not always the motorcyclist to blame but the driver needs to be just as wary of the safety regulations.

The injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident can often be severe or even life threatening. If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident, it is essential that you issue an immediate investigation of the case. Our expert team of lawyers can help in this endeavor to establish all financial as well as legal responsibilities pertaining to the case.

Why Should You Hire the Fran Haasch Legal Team for Your Motorcycle Accident Case?

In our decades of experience, our lawyers have consistently produced results in favor of our clients. Motorcycle accident cases have been one of the several types of legal cases we have handled to bring benefit to the victim of the accident. At The Fran Haasch Law Group, we put in a hundred percent effort to devise a convincing and aggressive case. Our investigation into the case facts is always thorough so as to make sure that our client’s interests are legally protected. Our Clearwater motorcycle accident attorneys have taken up cases where the serious injuries or even death were involved to uncover the answers and help the victim in seeking justice.

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In the case of a failure of fair settlement, we take the case one step forward and present it in a systematic manner before the court of law. From there, we take up the job as your lawyers and legal representatives to produce a highly convincing case that works in your favor which includes settling on the maximum sum of compensation needed financially.

Our attorneys are skilled in taking up cases involving rear end collisions, side collisions, head-on collisions, poor road designs, hit and run incidents, distracted and drunk driving accidents, mechanical faults as well as more dangerous cases that result in wrongful death, brain or spinal cord injuries.

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The Hard Facts of Motorcycle Accidents

Negligence on the road is one of the key factors that results in a motorcycle accident. This negligence is in violation of the federal motor safety regulation and the liability of most vehicular accidents including motorcycle accidents are based on this. Our legal firm acknowledges not only this negligence law but also establishes legal responsibility for clients involved in motorcycle accidents based on other lesser known principles of law.

motorcycle accident on US 19 in Clearwater FLNegligence in the form of poor quality of driving, texting behind the wheel or being under the influence of alcohol or a drug can all put drivers and motorcyclists at a risk. Careless or reckless driving including high speeds and distracted driving are other primes factors that lead to a serious motorcycle injury. However there can be other reasons apart from poor driving that can result in a motorcycle accident. Less frequently the company that has rent out the motorcycle or the auto company that has built the car in question can also be brought to legal grounds and sued for manufacturing faults.

Construction companies that produce road designs or the traffic personnel that are stationed to maintain the traffic can also be held accountable in a motorcycle accident. Liability for such cases can also arise from the auto manufacturer in case of a defect in the build of the car or motorcycle.

Sometimes these defects could result into the car brakes failing and crashing into the back of the motorcycle. Alternatively a manufacturing fault in the motorcycle such as a poorly designed component in the engine or another part of the motorcycle can cause an accident to occur. When the involved party is not the driver or the motorcyclist, a lawsuit can be filed against the concerned manufacturing company and the case can be directed towards prosecuting the accused.

Our Clearwater-based lawyers at conduct a prompt and comprehensive investigation into the matter to uncover who is to be held responsible for the damages that have been done. If you choose to hire we will represent your case in the court in an aggressive and effective manner. To aid in our investigation, we take help from skilled investigators, health care professionals as well as accident scene reconstruction experts. The final case is, thus, backed up by hard facts and professional statements.

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Protecting Yourself from a Motorcycle Accident

There’s no denying that motorcycles are much less safer means of transport than a car. This means that the safety precautions that must be followed and obeyed by motorcyclists are slightly different than those that are designated for other drivers. Special government set rules and laws for motorcycle drivers and owners exist in Clearwater and the Greater Tampa Bay region. It is obligatory for all motorcyclists to wear a helmet if they are under the age of twenty-one. For motorcyclists over this age, it is recommended to wear a helmet but not mandatory given that you have a set amount of insurance protection. This amount could be pretty high even up to $10,000 minimum.

Some states also make it essential for motorcycle drivers to wear eye gear for protection. Along with this, safety equipment for the motorcycle handles and the footrest are also advised. It’s not uncommon to see motorcyclists wearing knee pads as well for an extra boost of protection against a serious injury.

The frequency of motorcycle accidents can be greatly reduced if road safety rules and regulations are abided by both the motorcyclist and the driver. All safety equipment mentioned above are easily available and should be encouraged when driving a motorcycle.

Immediate Action to Take After a Motorcycle Accident

If you or someone you know was injured in a motorcycle accident there are a couple of things (if practically feasible) that you should do immediately.

The first and foremost action to take is to call 911 and seek health care. Then if it’s possible you should preserve your vehicle and take photographic evidence or video of the scene. Names of the witnesses should also be recorded along with a signed written statement. These elements can all help in your case to make up for any and all financial losses.

A Legal Firm With Knowledge and Experience

The Clearwater motorcycle accident lawyers at The Fran Haasch Law Group are well aware of federal and state motor safety regulations and protocol as well as motorcycle accident laws. Our firm makes sure that every client is represented effectively to for any financial and legal claims. Our experienced lawyers are equipped to take cases where motorcycle accident negligence is due to speeding, driver fatigue and distraction, drunk driving, excess load, poor quality of driving in bad weather or traffic, poor maintenance of the truck, improperly loading of the goods (poorly secured), using the phone while driving, mechanical and/or technical issues with the motorcycle or any violation of the laws set by the federal motor authorities.

Talk to a Qualified Lawyer at The Fran Haasch Law Group to Represent You

It’s unfortunate that many drivers violate the basic motor regulations be it speeding, distracted driving or any of the above mentioned factors. Motorcycle accident safety and education is pivotal to bring down the sobering statistics of truck accidents in the U.S. When accidents occur, not only are the drivers held responsible but the entire company can be potentially brought onto legal grounds.

If you’ve been a victim to a motorcycle accident in the Clearwater area, we can help you. Call us at 727-784-8191 now to talk about your case. The Fran Haasch Law Group is capable of handling accident cases in all parts of Clearwater, Palm Harbor, St. Petersburg and even the Greater Tampa Bay Region.

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