Attorney Fran Haasch

Congrats Sturgis Trip Winners!

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to our special edition 2009 Sturgis

Giveaway newsletter.  Thank you so much for coming out and making this

one of the most memorable nights of my lifetime.   Although the weather

was stifling hot, at least it didn’t rain.  Bill Church from Quaker

Steak told me that it was one of the top 3 best bike nights ever!

We were supposed

to draw for one lucky winner that would be taking whomever he/she

wanted, but, on the way to The Lube, my husband and I were talking about

a family trip we had to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances.  Since

we had already set aside the money for the trip, we thought that it

would be a great surprise and really mean a lot more to our motorcycle

community to draw for another lucky winner and put that money back into

the economy.  So, instead of two lucky people going to Sturgis, we are

sending four!

The first lucky

winner was Tony Wheeler of Tarpon Springs, Florida.  Tony is taking his

best friend Stan and their beautiful Harleys (and their beautiful

wives).  Tony will be shipping his Fat Boy and Stan will be shipping his


The second lucky

winner was Melissa Smith of Pinellas Park, Florida.  Melissa would like

to give the trip to her father and brother.

I have quite a

list of people to thank for helping make our 2009 Sturgis Giveaway such

an extremely successful event:  Bill Church and Quaker Steak and Lube

for hosting the event, Ron and Debbie Galletti with Born To Ride

Magazine and TV for helping promote the giveaway and the upcoming

magazine and TV special, Tony Cianci with Full Throttle and Valerie

Smith with Rider Now Productions and Mike Savidge with Go For A Ride

magazine for covering the event, and Rick Rosen and Rebecca Bunetta with

Motorcycle Freight (1-800-BIKE TOW) in helping secure the rooms at the

Rapid City Quality Inn and transporting the bikes to Sturgis.

Most importantly,

I want to extend my extreme heartfelt thanks to the people reading this

email.  Without you and your support over the last 9 years, none of this

would have been possible.  For that, I am endlessly grateful.  We’ve had

such a positive response to this year’s Sturgis Giveaway; will

definitely be holding a 2010 Sturgis Giveaway next year!  Thank you for

all the thoughtful emails and kind words at the event.  My firm and I

are forever indebted to our local motorcycle community.

Please stay tuned

for updates on the winners and make sure to check out the stories in the

upcoming issues Born To Ride, Full Throttle, Go FAR magazine.  Ron

Galletti will be accompanying the winners to Sturgis and will be filming

for a video documentary that will air on Born To Ride TV.

Attorney Fran Haasch

Palm Harbor