Dangerous Hernando Co. curve to become safer

Busted up fence posts and a roadside memorial are just a few indications that something bad happened along a Hernando County road.

In the past few months two people were killed after they lost control of their cars along a curve on Mondon Hill Road near Bertram Road.

Fred Munao lives nearby and remembers the most recent wreck last month.

“The car was still running on its side and everything,” he said. “It was pretty bad, sad, a young girl.”

Hernando County leaders realize the curve is dangerous so they’re going to try and make it safer. The plan is to add some warning signs, reflective posts and make speed limit signs bigger.

County officials say those improvements should be done in the next couple of weeks.

“That’s good,” Munao said. “At least they are doing something.”

County leaders are also going to do a road safety analysis of Mondon Hill Road to find other dangerous spots.

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