Police in Ocala, Florida took notice early Tuesday morning of a naked motorcyclist’s erratic riding

Mike Rolls, Marion County sheriff’s captain, was on duty when he passed a nude man riding a silver motorcycle near Ocala’s Interstate 75 nearly thirty minutes after midnight, the Associated Press reports. “I thought the driver of the motorcycle was not wearing clothing,” Rolls reported as he began his pursuit.

When the bare rider drove through a red light, the police officer pulled the man over and later identified him as Dante Krauss.

Krauss, 45-year-old, reported that he didn’t know where he had been that night, and had no explanation for his nakedness. He did, however, admit to having a few drinks.

After providing the streaking biker with a shirt and shawl, Rolls placed the man under arrest and brought him to the Marion County Jail, where authorities say Kraus registered a .178 blood-alcohol concentration.

Krauss was charged with his fifth DUI, and was later released on $20,000 bail.

Research by Mothers Against Drunk Driving estimates that one arrest for DUI is made for every 88 episodes of driving with a blood-alcohol concentration that is over the U.S. legal limit.

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