“PSTA bus accident leaves one person dead in St. Petersburg”


A St. Petersburg man was killed and several people were seriously injured after a PSTA bus and car collided in the intersection of 37th St. N and 5th Ave. Thursday evening.

Officials say the driver of a Saturn ran a red light causing the bus to swerve in an effort to not hit that car. However, the bus was unable to steer clear from the Saturn, which was driven by Mike Gawthrop, and traveled on to hit the outside fence of the Clip Joint-Naturals for Animals, a pet grooming business.

Linda Furlong, who works at the pet grooming business hit by the bus, witnessed the accident.

“I heard this big crunch and I saw a PSTA bus headed for our fence, so I stepped back because I didn’t know what was going to happen,” she said. “Then our fence actually stopped the bus. The windshield on the bus exploded and the driver jumped out.”

Officials say four children were riding in Gawthrop’s car. Three of the children were taken to All Children’s Hospital with minor injuries.

Gawthrop and the fourth child were transported to Bayfront Medical Center in serious condition.

Late Friday night, Gawthrop was pronounced dead as a result of his injuries.

The bus driver and one passenger were taken to St. Anthony’s Hospital with minor injuries. The other passenger on the bus was uninjured.

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