Woman killed in hit-and-run accident near Boca Raton

Driver who left scene found at his home, officials say

By Jerome Burdi

WEST BOCA – A woman struck and killed by a car on Thursday was
hit with such force that it left her body partially dismembered, the Palm
Beach County Sheriffs Office said. Guadalupe Corrizales, 73, who lived
west of Boca Raton, was killed about 6:30 a.m. In the eastbound lanes of
Judge Winikoff Road, just west of Hammock Street, deputies said.
Driver Ronald Falzini III, 19, left the scene, investigators said. But his
mother called the Sheriffs Office to report the crash, and deputies found
him at his home about a half·mile away, In the 10000 block of Country
Brook Road.
Falzini parked the lnfiniti G35 sedan in the driveway of an abandoned house next door, investigators said. The front of the car was crushed and smeared with blood.
Falzini had not been charged late Thursday, but he did require hospital
treatment, investigators said. There was “an odor of alcohol emanating from him and a blood sample was taken for analysis,” according to the accident report.
Corrizales’ family members went to the accident scene, formed a circle
and held hands while saying a prayer Thursday morning, but they declined
to comment. Neighborhood resident Jim DeFago, 84, was on his morning walk on
Judge Winikoff Road when he saw the Infiniti “zoom by.”
“I thought, ‘He’s going to hit somebody’,” DeFago said. “He must have been going 80 mph.” The posted speed limlt on the four lane Judge Winikoff Road Is 45 mph. The investigation is ongoing, but investigators said It appears the car was speeding.

Staff researcher Barbara HiJek
contributed to this report.

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May 13, 2011